Science Friday… on a Saturday 

I was lucky enough to be able to go see Science Friday last night. It was really cool. I heart Ira Flatow. A Roomful of Nerds makes me happy.

It was shown in a cool old theater, The Orpheum (Or as Ira Flatow accidentally called it, The Opium). It was a show about science found in and around Kansas.

The first was the geological history of Kansas, which includes the inland sea that existed before 65 million years ago. We looked at some fossils, talked about the apex preditors, and what do to if you find a fossil yourself – spoiler alert, call the Sternberg Museum.

We’ve been to the museum in Hays, but this was really neat. The next one is a topic that fascinates me. How did ancient peoples live? The next two guests talked about the Clovis culture, Clovis points, and what we can tell from our study of their artifacts and DNA. All indiginous peoples in the Americas share an ancestor in the Clovis culture. As near as they can tell, they lived in Beringia for 15 to 25 thousand years, then moved down the coasts once the glaciers retreated.

The last one was cool too. Dung and carrion beetles. Talking about the numbers of species in Kansas. 

Result: somewhere in the Adventure Box, I’ma gonna put in “Fossil Hunting” on a piece of paper.
Today, off to Wisconsin for a week at work. The husband gets all the eggs this week. Hopefully by the time we get back, we’ll have at least one more layer – because this only having fresh eggs every other day is for the birds. 

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