I Like Big Basin, I Cannot Lie

In addition to the beautiful flowers, we had a wonderful day of exploring.

We ended up going to see Big Basin, Little Basin, and St. Jacob’s Well.

These are waaay off of the beaten path.

We took the road less traveled.

The big basin was a lovely place. We had lunch at the rim, and did a little walking around.

Lots of really interesting rock formations.

We went to the small basin and hiked down to St. Jacob’s Well. This is a spring that has never run dry in recorded history. Imagine heading west, seeing nothing but hills as far as the eye can see, and there’s this little oasis. It must have been amazing.

The limestone fence has impressions of mussel shells.

There is a huge cairn on a nearby hill, so that the indigenous people could tell where the spring was.

Lots of pretty scenery.

And, maybe the coolest thing, a herd of bison blocking the road.

We started home, but took a detour along the Gypsum Hills Scenic Byway.

And our usual shadow portrait.

And then it was home, to beat the rain. All in all a good birthday trip.

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