It’s Always an Adventure With Us

So the Husband and I are members of a non-profit makerspace. We were fortunate enough to be able to purchase an old elementary school for the space. As they prepare the space (slowed by Coronavirus), they had some lockers that they were going to sell for scrap.

Enter me…

I see that they are for sale. There’s a picture of a few lockers.

Little beat up. I remembered the first image wrong. And somehow I missed the second image.

We hop in big blue and head out to pick them up.

So I’m thinking, yay five cool old lockers. Offer $50, and they’re happy. We get there and holy shit there are nine of them.

Fortunately it’s a work day at Make, so there are lots of people around to help. I get sidetracked by some chatter about elections. OMG I have barely talked to anyone in person for *months* it was great to see Paula and LaDeana!

Anyway while distracted, the guys (and one woman) fill our truck. Only seven of them though. We have to come back for the other two.

Once they are in and tight we head home…

…and the first turn they tip over.

So here we are on the shoulder trying to get them upright. Thankfully a Good Samaritan comes and helps us get them back right side up.

We stop at a rest stop halfway to retighten, and all is well. We don’t, however, get home until 10.

We didn’t unload.

Stay tuned for projects with these!

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