Drones and Trail Cams

We are always looking for ways to watch the animals. This Christmas we got some cameras and a drone. Expect goat videos this spring.

The Husband and I, being not romantic, gave up the pretense on Christmas presents and gave ourselves a budget to buy what we wanted. He got welding stuff, and I got a set of trail cams. We are hopefully going to have a goat birth this spring, and I want to watch.

In addition, my work had a fun thing where they gave us a choice of several things that we could pick from as a Christmas present. We chose the drone.

So we set it all up and started playing with it. We’re not great? The Husband flew it directly into a telephone pole, and I flew it into the tree line. And then he barely missed me and hit the house. So, yeah… we need some practice.

The goats were very interested.

Until the drone started up.

Next up, we have to set up the cameras. More later.

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