Honey Harvest

So apparently we should have been feeding our bees a month ago. Our supers had no action, so we took them off and put in some feeding frames. Sadly, this meant that we had to pull and harvest four frames. Oh, damn. /sarcasm

First I made the syrup, you fill a quart jar with sugar, then add boiling water. Stir until mixed. A gallon will fill two feeders. I find those mason jar covers with the straw hol work perfectly.

We loaded up the cart and pulled out the supers and four frames (two per hive). We brushed off all of the bees, and took them to our stainless work table.

We bought an uncapping knife, but found that the spatulas for our rolled ice cream maker (purchased for flash freezing vegetables) work significantly better than the knife.

We brought in the vat of comb and honey, and made a strainer. One bain marie, a strainer, and some cheesecloth.

Next to try to find the old crappy $3 crock pot we have stashed somewhere in the house so I can render the wax.

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