Wisconsin Fall

I flew into Wisconsin on Sunday. Last time I was here (in the summer), there was some sort of festival, so when I drove through this little town called Port Washington, there were people ev-ver-y-where. Not really my scene. But I decided to come back, instead of a random adventure. I found a little restaurant, Twisted Willow, on the strength of the Walleye on the menu, but alas, not on the brunch/lunch menu. 

On the other hand, who am I to turn down a burrata salad and french onion soup?  And local beer. You can’t forget the local beer.

I am going to look around the downtown marina area, then head into Appleton to check in. I’m planning on going to the grocery store to keep some basics around. 

Sailing ship!

Before I got there, I went to a little county park called Virmond Park.

Went on a little hike there, and looked at some flowers.

Lake Michigan is pretty damn beautiful.

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