Wisconsin End…

Since I’m working backwards at this point, we will go with the drive/flight home from Wisconsin, instead of the flight/drive to Wisconsin. I telecommute to my job, but four times a year, I go up to be seen, have face to face meetings and generally make friends. Last week was my week. 

It’s always a whirlwind, because I still have to do all of my work, in addition to the face time and such. Thus my lack of homesteading.

In any case. I do 4/10s on the week that I work on-site, but fly home on Friday, which gives me time to explore. I flew into Milwaukee but the company’s in Appleton. I have my nice leisurely morning, and then head up to High Cliffs State Park to go on a quick hike and check it out. It was delightful. I went on the Red Bird Trail for a little bit, then headed back.

Chief Red Bird himself
The traditional “if I don’t make my flight, here’s where to look for my body” picture.

I also went up the tower that overlooks Lake Winnebego.

I need to give myself more time next time, because there were so. Many. Cute. Towns. Which of course made the drive take forever. I think next summer, I’m making my husband go with me and taking a few extra days to explore, because it was so flippin gorgeous.

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