Getting Started With Chickens – Gear

Now that you know how many chickens you can have, it is time to gear up. You will need a lot of stuff.

First a brooder box. We’ve had a few different brooders. We started with a cardboard box, we’ve used a plastic tote, and a wooden box. It can be anything that will keep them together, but not crowded.

Ultimately, we built them a fancy brooder, but a box will do.

Items of note on this brooder. Three hinged tops, and lights built in. Also, you can’t see it, but it has wheels and a wagon handle to pull it. That way once it is warmer, we can pull it into the sun for some fresh air. When it is in use, we keep it in the garage.

So you have a brooder, next you need heat for your chicks. Buy a few of the brooder lights and bulbs. I get a couple of different wattages.

You will want to be able to keep the temperature fairly steady. We use a temperature sensor that the Husband built. I’ll add that somewhere along the line here. You’ll want a good thermometer, too.

You will also want a feeder and waterer. I just get the basic ones that fit onto mason jars or the plastic ones.

Get chick starter and wound spray. I use vetericyn.

If I want to be able to identify the chicks, I will use a leg band. I use zip ties, because they are cheaper and easier.

You will want to prepare the brooder for the chickens by filling the bottom with pine shavings, setting up the water and food, and placing the heat lamp and thermometer. Turn it all on to warm up the space.

Now you’re ready to pick up some chicks.

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