New Hobby Alert!

So while I was doing some embroidery at the makerspace and there was downtime. They had a quilling set there.

It’s really cool. As close to meditation as I can get. It requires attention, but not thought. Because me and meditation? Well.

Basically you make paper spirals and use them to make shapes.

Wind, wind, wind.

Then you let them unwind to the size you want.

I made a dragonfly, because I love dragonflies. I’ve used them for years.

Pretty much resilience, for which I strive. I have a book, Deep Survival that I love. It’s about what traits help you through tough times, and one of them is resilience. So, there you go.

In any case, I made a dragonfly.

Keep going. You will get through it. 💕💜💕

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