Sooo… Niblet.

I’ll get into how we got here in a later post, but I’d like to introduce our new grandkid, Niblet.

So, last Friday, we arranged to purchase a pregnant Nigerian Dwarf. We went to pick her up on Sunday, and she was no longer pregnant.

Mama’s name is Oreo, so I was saying possible small food names. Crumble, Nugget, Amuse Bouche, Niblet. Niblet stuck.

We brought them home and stopped at Sonic, where we confused our carhop by being outside our car, admiring our new livestock.

As always, we were racing the sun to get things done. We couldn’t get anything much done since we both worked Saturday. So we let Oreo and Niblet play in the pasture (we excluded the big goats) while we mucked out the goat shed.

With a few breaks to marvel.

Finally, as the day started to end, we got mama and niblet into their nursery.

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