Holy Subaru Batman!

Our lovely weekend at the lake was stymied by the weather. It rained all night on Saturday night and all day Sunday. So we went on the Legacy Trail scenic drive.

It was a mite boggy.

Boy am I glad we have 4WD. We had a good time driving around and stopping whenever we saw something cool.

We started off at Boldts bluff, walked around a bit and looked at the geology and flowers.

Tragopogon dubius (yellow salsify)
Phyla lanceolata (Frog Fruit)
Argemone polyanthemos (Prickly Poppy)

We had a picnic lunch on some rocks.

We got a little lost. Started bending map, so we went back to Boldts, and started over with the map.

We drove to Faris caves, which are cool. Homesteaders lived in the caves.

We decided that the drive was enough stress for the day, so we went to Salina for dinner at the hibachi place. It was kind of meh, but it was warm and filling.

All in all, a fine day!

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