The good news I’d we like kayaking. The bad news is we aren’t graceful when we get in and out. I managed to both fall in the lake *and* skin my knees. CW: blood.

We started out near the Buffalo Track Canyon trailhead at a little boat ramp. There weren’t that many people, thankfully.

We only were out for about an hour, but it was just lovely and serene. We need to get a little better at communicating-sometimes I wasn’t sure where we were headed, but it was really nice.

We do need to get in better shape.

After we were out for a while, we decided to head back. The Husband got out of the kayak semi-gracefully. Me… not so much. It was about half lack of agility due to size, and half lack of agility because of my leg.

But somehow I managed to both fall in completely *and* skin my knees.

It looks worse than it is. We need to work on our balance. To that end, I’ve joined the Y and am walking, rowing, and working on balance in the pool. Now if they would just get the whirlpool up and running again I’d be happy as a clam.

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