Birthday Trip

So it is the Husband’s birthday, and we are taking the kayak to Lake Kanopolis. We’ve driven around the lake a few times, and always wanted to spend more time here.

So we hopped into the Subaru, who is fulfilling her life’s purpose-hauling a kayak.

“But how can you leave poor Daisy at home?” you might ask. Well, Facebook to the rescue. I’m on the local Facebook group, and a little girl and her mom are going to take care of the animals. it took about five minutes to find someone.

Gotta love a small town.

So the animals taken care of, we set off on our adventure. The drive up there ended up being one of the most Subarubious trip ever. We start off on a highway. Then a side road.

Then a dirt road.

Then a mud road.

And then… cows.

All from using google maps. So we retrace our steps and get back on track.

Google maps continues to sit on a throne of lies, when it deposited us about a half mile from the cabin. Someone else has a lovely lake house. We ended up asking a neighbor.

We finally get settled. The husband takes a nap, and I take a walk down to the lake.

Lots of flowers and birds.

When I get back, it is time for a game of scrabble. So we have a history with Scrabble. Early in our dating life, the Husband suggested a picnic and Scrabble. I’m good at Scrabble. Like, “not fun to play with,” good at Scrabble.

So I gently say that maybe he doesn’t want to play against me. It escalated to trash talking pretty quickly.

Yeah, I lost by nine. I will (justifiably so) never, ever live that down. We are fiercely competitive in the moment-except (other than that) we don’t keep track of who wins. My parents’ Scrabble game has lists of combined scores over 600. I always think of that when we play.

Oh, and I beat the pants off of him.

We had a nice dinner outside and the did s’mores but the fire pit. We even had a visitor.

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