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How’d we do?

So… how’d we do on our less wasted food plan?

Keeping up.

Last night we had chicken and veggies and a salad with carrots, romaine and cabbage. Today’s lunch was the last of the quinoa and some of the veggies from last night. The husband took the last of the stew. Tonight is pork tacos –… Continue Reading “Keeping up.”

Dinner 2

Dinner two went without a hitch – beef stew. Used beef from the local meat market, Yoder Meats. We buy our meat in bulk, some pork, some chicken, some beef. And then we buy half a lamb from Clark Farms. We end up buying… Continue Reading “Dinner 2”

Dinner 1/Brunch 1

Trying to use my produce up so here we go. Dinner was a minor bust. They didn’t have mahi-mahi at the store, so we tried swordfish. As it turns out, we don’t like swordfish. Oh well. It was a try. Used up some of… Continue Reading “Dinner 1/Brunch 1”

First Grocery Store After Recommitting

All right, I already said that I’m recommitting to good habits. Two are cooking more and wasting less. To that end, I was deliberate in my grocery shopping today, and will be keeping tabs on whether I follow through.

Slightly better…

Yesterday was beautiful. I ended up walking around my property for a while, and made lovely lamb chops from Clark Farm, and a bunch of different vegetables. It makes me giggle that Brussel Sprouts basically come on a sword. Today is a short work… Continue Reading “Slightly better…”

Making a Chili Ristra in 10 Easy Steps 

On our epic trip back from Colorado, we came across a roadside farm stand with chilis, so *of course* we stopped and got a half-bushel.  We got home and now what? We cooked with them, we roasted and froze some of them, and still… Continue Reading “Making a Chili Ristra in 10 Easy Steps “

Eyeball Cookies

So yesterday we made the sugar cookies, today we decorate. The frosting is an easy powdered sugar frosting that dries well, and holds sprinkles. Butter, room temperature, about a tablespoon. Then add powdered sugar and warm water and mix. Not too runny, not too… Continue Reading “Eyeball Cookies”

Sugar cookies

Every year that I need to make a halloween treat, I go with the easy peasy eyeball sugar cookies. I love me some sugar cookies, but I’m very picky. They must be the correct sugar cookies. The correct sugar cookies are from the 1973… Continue Reading “Sugar cookies”

Afternoon Tea

One of my favorite things is afternoon tea. While in Denver, we decided to go for tea at the Brown Palace. Love.