Dinner 1/Brunch 1

Trying to use my produce up so here we go.

Dinner was a minor bust. They didn’t have mahi-mahi at the store, so we tried swordfish. As it turns out, we don’t like swordfish. Oh well. It was a try.

Used up some of the salad greens, an apple, some carrots, the mango, some peppers and pineapple, and part of the cucumber. And some onion.

For brunch we only had one egg available, so I made a hash with bacon (from the local meat market), onion, carrot, celery, peppers, the last of the leftover chicken from roast chicken last week, and some leftover cheese. The husband had a tangerine and I had some pineapple.

Now to enter that into my fitness pal.

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