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Great American Beer Festival 

My birthday present was tickets to the GABF. We drink a lot of beer, we brew and we love good food. So we splurged for the paired tickets, which (a) gives you good food options and (b) gets you to a less ridiculously crowded… Continue Reading “Great American Beer Festival¬†“

An abundance of tomatoes.

So I went a bit nuts at the farmer’s market. There were just so darn many tomatoes that looked delicious. So I ended up with a whole lot of tomatoes. One broke, so there were fruit flies, so I *HAD* to make something with… Continue Reading “An abundance of tomatoes.”

Farm to Table (with a pass through the kitchen)

Friday night we had a lovely dinner at Elderslie Farm. 

Frico Caldo

One of my favorite restaurants in the world is in Boulder, Colorado. Granted, I haven’t seen a whole lot of the world, but this one’s up there for sure. It’s called Frasca.

Corn Chowder

I used to live in the big town near where I live now, and the place to get corn was the parking lot of the Home Depot. A local farmer had a stand: Gaeddert Farms. Best corn I’ve ever had. Now we live even closer!… Continue Reading “Corn Chowder”

Farm to Table Dinner

One of the nice things that have started cropping up lately are farm to table dinners. Our local nature center hosted one on Sunday, and it was delightful.  Most of the produce, and all of the meat came from local farmers.  It was a… Continue Reading “Farm to Table Dinner”

Pesto vs. Pesto

As noted before, we have an abundance of basil in our herb garden. We have three kinds, Mammoth Sweet, Genovese, and Red Rubin. So, FOR SCIENCE! The husband made pesto with all three.


I love pickles. When my nephew was a baby, he could say my name, but chose not to. I tried and tried to get him to say my name.

The Best Cooking Book in the World

I like food. I like cooking. I have a zillion cookbooks from the basic (The Joy of Cooking) to the really really not basic (The Modernist Cuisine at Home). But I’ve found one book that is my go-to for cooking these days.


In our house, one of the husband’s favorite things is babaganoush. So I made some yesterday, we got some lovely eggplant at the farmers market.