New Years Intentions

No resolutions for me. Just intentions.

1. Be sustainable.

    I intend to go as long as possible without buying new clothes. Either sew my own, or alter the ones that I have to fit.
    I intend to take care of the garden and livestock, so that I have to buy fewer groceries.
    I intend to save money to get the work done so that we can put solar panels on the Quonset hut.
  • 2. Be healthy.
    • I intend to eat better, go out less, and cook more.
      I intend to consume more food that is local, rather than transported in.
      I intend to be more active.
      I intend to find good gluten-free recipes.

    3. Be creative.

    • I intend to write more in this blog.
    • I intend to read more (52 books)
    • I intend to learn to use the metal shop at MakeICT.
    • I intend to make more stuff at MakeICT.

    4. Be involved.

    • I intend to continue to raise funds for MakeICT.
    • I intend to canvass for my preferred candidates even though I’m way out of the political norm in my area.
    • I intend to integrate more into my local community.

    What are yours?

    One Comment on “New Years Intentions

    1. Those are great intentions for the new year! I plan to spend this year focusing on myself, my family, and my future business. I also plan to get more involved at my college and meet/help more people there. Good luck to you this year! I hope that your good intentions help you get through this year.

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