Hutchinson Maker Space

I’m pretty sure I mentioned that the Husband got a job. Woo hoo! He is a makerspace specialist at the local library.

It’s perfect for him. He gets to help teach people how to do techie and crafty things. He space is smaller, but they hope to expand.

Let’s head down to the space!

I go in every now and again and learn something new. I’ve learned how to use the cricut and the embroidery machine.

Working on a Christmas present. Shhh…

The embroidery machine is pretty dang cool. I drew an image in Inkscape, then transferred it to the computer attached to the Bernini, and let fly.

I want to make some napkins for our house with this on them.

It’s a G from the Book of Kells. Back when I was more social, I had social calling cards with an illuminated H from the book of Kells on them.

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