Peanut Butter

One of the things we make for ourselves is peanut butter.

It’s pretty easy, and makes good peanut butter without the preservatives and such.

First buy a boatload of peanuts on Amazon, or wherever you buy your stuff. We get ten pounds at a time.

Salt and roast the peanuts at 325. Toss them about halfway through.

Comparison of before and after. Well, after and before.

Once all of the peanuts are roasted, put them in the cuisinart. Process until the oils come out. It will be a powder first, then eventually it will start to get oily. You shouldn’t have to put in any excess oil, unless you want to. Put in salt to taste.

If you like crunchy, add more peanuts after you get to the right consistency, and process until the chunks are the right size.

Blend and eat! Yummy!

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