Misfits Market – Part 3

I was always a bit skeptical of the Sunday delivery date. So on Sunday I looked at the expected delivery date and it was Tuesday. No biggie, holiday weekend and all that.

Looked again this morning to grab a photo for this, and yay! Delivery today!

I need to find things that use acorn or delicata squash or celery root. Those are the new vegetables in my box. As long as I do this, I’m going to try new things as much as I can.

Box arrived-so far so good. The box was intact.

Little variation from what I ordered, but you are reliant on what is available. Looks pretty good. Not 100% sure what the thing next to the lemons is, maybe a beet?

We are going to do the delicata squash for dinner tonight.

If I’ve encouraged you to try this, remember to use my code: COOKWME-BO2RYR, we both get a discount.

3 Comments on “Misfits Market – Part 3

  1. Veg next to lemons does look like a golden beet. I like them better than regular beets, a little less earthy, very good roasted.


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