Ahhhh, old houses

So our house is about 120 years old.

With that comes certain charms. But there are also hassles.

We decided to shock the well, so I’d stop puking my guts out. We get everything ready, have a place to stay for the 24 hours that it will sit. Go to Lowe’s when we find out that we’re missing parts on the seal.

We get everything done, drain the house of water, then start it back up again to distribute the bleach.


Crap. So we figure that somewhere there was a pinhole in a clog that let *just enough* water through. And when the pressure let up, it closed. So, we* start figuring out where it is. We’re lucky because it is pretty early on.

So we cut out that part and replace it. But we’re no closer to clean water. So we decide to add on a UV filter, move some stuff around and add a sink, because in for a penny, in for a pound.

I made myself scarce on Saturday to allow the plumbing work to commence. I come home and not done yet. Sunday, we go to move the pressure tank (?), and find that it is rusted out and when we move it it comes apart. So new pressure tank. Most items are put in, but we still didn’t have water at 8 pm last night, and it was either (a) pull an all, nighter, or (b) husband take off work the next day to finish. So being old, we go to bed.

I sincerely hope we have water soon. I’m trying to hustle the husband out of bed this morning so we can get water early in the day. I need a shower. Badly.

My friend Norm told me that old farmhouses are cool but expensive. He was not wrong. OTOH, we will have a fancy pants new everything for our water. And I’ll be able to drink it without barfing. Plus, since the original plumbing was put in in bits and pieces, we will have a more efficient system. So yay?

*The “we” is a fiction. I am lackey, obtainer of random parts, and listener to plans that sound like the adults in Charlie Brown to me.

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