Road Tripping in a Pandemic

We’ve been good. We’ve stayed in, worn masks, I haven’t hugged my parents since March. But the Husband’s birthday is this weekend, and I usually plan an event rather than give a gift. We’ve gone to a beer and cheese tasting, on a surprise trip to Colorado, a ten-course extravaganza that left us feeling like we were pre-gaming for the Hunger Games, not to participate, but to watch.

So what can you do in the COVID pandemic?

Since he reads this, I’m not saying where we are going. But… I can talk about the precautions I am taking.

1. Road trip. It’s a road trip. There aren’t any sights we are planning on seeing. We are going to do some hiking and some photography, but nothing that would make us come into contact with other people.

2. PPE – we have masks and wipes in the car.

3. Food – for the most part, we will bring our own food. We always have a picnic blanket in our car, and the adventure kit has dishes.

4. Airbnb – we are planning on staying in a whole house Airbnb where we don’t have to come into contact with the hosts. The plan is to run the dishwasher and put the linens in the washer before we leave, and wipe down all surfaces. This will stay safe while putting money into the hands of small business people.

5. Small business – Along those lines, we are going to (except for gas) stick with local businesses if we do have to stop.

6. Low density – both of people and of COVID cases. The county has fewer than 5,000 people, and one case of COVID.

I’m lucky to have the privilege to be able to take these precautions and keep my family, and others, safe, while still giving the Husband a fun birthday.

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