Chicklet Lineup

Now that the chicklets are about a month old, they’ve passed the most dangerous time.

So here we have the 2020 spring chickens.

Probably a Buff Orpington or a Green Queen.

Columbian Wyandotte

Mutt from our hatch.

Elvis – White Crested Black Polish. And The Husband.

Another Black Copper Marans

One of our hatch. She’s a little pecked,

Another Buff Orpington or Green Queen.

Another one of ours.


Ours, and definitely a rooster.

Another Leghorn.

Another Columbian Wyandotte

Another Buff Orpington or Green Queen. We ordered two Buffys and three Green Queens, but I can’t tell the difference.

Hen-pecked Black Copper Marans

Columbian Wyandotte.

One of ours, probably a Cuckoo Marans x Cuckoo Marans by the look of her.

Another one of ours.

Boo – White Crested Polish

Probably Green Queen.

Columbian Wyandotte.

And I forgot to take a picture of the brown one from our hatch named Baby.

We are going to be up to our ears in eggs, but we’ve got some regular customers, so we can get rid of some.

Next week, culling the rest of the non-essential roosters.

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