Raising Chickens

I post a lot about chickens, we have lots of them – 26 at the moment. Large and small. We buy chickens throughout the year (we lose a lot to predators)

We have three generations of chickens currently. Rhoda and Violet are two. Noah (all Roos are names Noah), Meggan, Halley, The Wyrd sisters, and Black Frances are one. And we have chicks from Noah and most of the girls, plus some bought from Meyer.

I had a question about raising chicks, so I made a printable.


This will help with brooder temp, and moving day. I think this week we may have a chicks’ day out.

One thing we did this year was band our chickens. It’s easy enough: use zip ties, but be aware that you don’t let them get tight. We aren’t weighing them every day, but we check on them. All you need are a bunch of zip ties and wire cutters. My jewelry snips work perfectly. A couple of them have names…

The RIRxEE is Debbie Harry, because she’s a blonde.

The Cuckoo Marans are Kaley Cuckoo and Cuckoo Chanel.

We’ve decided we need to cull the Roos. Too many Roos lead to aggression and hens who are sexually harassed. Just as soon as they won’t slip through the killing cone, we will round up the cocks and kill em. We will eat the meat and use the carcass for stock.

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