Oh What a Beautiful Morning

My day has a starting routine. For some reason I’m waking up at 6 am. Which, I suppose is good. It gives me time to myself in the morning. I use an app called fabulous to help me with good habits. One of which is being active in the morning.

Which is hard because I suck at mornings.

I get up, drink some water and go do chores.

First, check on the inside chicks.

We banded them last night, although I haven’t actually written down who is what.

Then, outside, to check on the garden. We watered last night, so I only did the strawberries.

How cool is our old timey cultivator? And orange! I love orange.

Then to the garage to get some scratch for the big girls. We have an old can that we use.

We throw it in the chicken yard to keep them occupied if we need to do anything with the outside chicks.

Next I check the bigger chicks.

Yup, all present and accounted for.

Time to feed the Quonset cats. Well, cat. We think Hestia is gone. She made a new friend either with a child – or a coyote.

But, in the way we marvel at the view.

How flipping beautiful is that?

I found another mulberry bush. Don’t know why they’re showing up this year, but I’m not complaining.

And, since it’s going to be hot, I did a little yard work pruning a tree.

Not finished, but I was hungry and wanted breakfast. Which was oatmeal with apple and cranberry. Yummy.

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