Planter Project

So, I’ve been getting ready for growing season. I decided to build small raised beds out of scrap wood. But we went into town for haircuts, and stopped at The Yard, which has all sorts of overstocked goods.

We found these really nice wooden boxes for five bucks a pop. There were twenty, but only ten would fit in the truck. So we bought ten. We will buy the rest if we can.

They are 2′ x 3′. So I’m spacially challenged, so I envisioned them filling the 26 by 40-odd feet. Yeah… no. that’s one of them.

But we can use them as models and make more.

We decided to paint them. White on the inside.

I don’t much care about the edges, because we are taking the bottom out. For structure, we added braces. On the top in two corners, and the other two on the bottom.

Then I took off the bottom. They were on pretty good, but we got them. We can use them on other things.

Then the other brackets.

Then I painted the outside. This one was red, the others will also be orange and yellow.

My beloved tilled the plot. Once I get the rest of them done, I’m going to build the irrigation next.

One Comment on “Planter Project

  1. Gotta love the yard. Husband has been at least three times in the last week working on building my dad’s brewery.


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