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Meal Kit Service

So we did a meal kit service because we got a coupon from a friend, and I think if we used it, they got a benefit of some sort. A few things stand out. We are not their prime demographic. The food was okay.… Continue Reading “Meal Kit Service”

Farmers’ Market

Today was the first time at the farmers’ market of the year. I go to the Kansas Grown one at the Sedgwick County Extension Office. Today was Herb Day! My haul. Lettuce, tomatoes asparagus, beans, radishes, honey and bread from Minoo’s bakery.

Beekeeping at Night

So this was a big weekend at the farm. On Friday, I called WW Bees to see about the status of our hives, and he said we needed to pick up today. Um… okay. So now we have bees.

Granola is a scam.

I’m cheap. And I like granola and yogurt. It seems like you get the tiniest amount of granola in those boxes and bags. So, I made my own.

Dinner 2

Dinner two went without a hitch – beef stew. Used beef from the local meat market, Yoder Meats. We buy our meat in bulk, some pork, some chicken, some beef. And then we buy half a lamb from Clark Farms. We end up buying… Continue Reading “Dinner 2”

Dinner 1/Brunch 1

Trying to use my produce up so here we go. Dinner was a minor bust. They didn’t have mahi-mahi at the store, so we tried swordfish. As it turns out, we don’t like swordfish. Oh well. It was a try. Used up some of… Continue Reading “Dinner 1/Brunch 1”

First Grocery Store After Recommitting

All right, I already said that I’m recommitting to good habits. Two are cooking more and wasting less. To that end, I was deliberate in my grocery shopping today, and will be keeping tabs on whether I follow through.

An abundance of tomatoes.

So I went a bit nuts at the farmer’s market. There were just so darn many tomatoes that looked delicious. So I ended up with a whole lot of tomatoes. One broke, so there were fruit flies, so I *HAD* to make something with… Continue Reading “An abundance of tomatoes.”

Farm to Table (with a pass through the kitchen)

Friday night we had a lovely dinner at Elderslie Farm. 

Self-Sufficiency Goal – Part 1.

I’m just a girl. Sitting here. Watching my chickens forage in my yard while I eat breakfast on my porch.