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Beekeeping at Night

So this was a big weekend at the farm. On Friday, I called WW Bees to see about the status of our hives, and he said we needed to pick up today. Um… okay. So now we have bees.

Granola is a scam.

I’m cheap. And I like granola and yogurt. It seems like you get the tiniest amount of granola in those boxes and bags. So, I made my own.

Dinner 2

Dinner two went without a hitch – beef stew. Used beef from the local meat market, Yoder Meats. We buy our meat in bulk, some pork, some chicken, some beef. And then we buy half a lamb from Clark Farms. We end up buying… Continue Reading “Dinner 2”

Dinner 1/Brunch 1

Trying to use my produce up so here we go. Dinner was a minor bust. They didn’t have mahi-mahi at the store, so we tried swordfish. As it turns out, we don’t like swordfish. Oh well. It was a try. Used up some of… Continue Reading “Dinner 1/Brunch 1”

First Grocery Store After Recommitting

All right, I already said that I’m recommitting to good habits. Two are cooking more and wasting less. To that end, I was deliberate in my grocery shopping today, and will be keeping tabs on whether I follow through.

An abundance of tomatoes.

So I went a bit nuts at the farmer’s market. There were just so darn many tomatoes that looked delicious. So I ended up with a whole lot of tomatoes. One broke, so there were fruit flies, so I *HAD* to make something with… Continue Reading “An abundance of tomatoes.”

Farm to Table (with a pass through the kitchen)

Friday night we had a lovely dinner at Elderslie Farm. 

Self-Sufficiency Goal – Part 1.

I’m just a girl. Sitting here. Watching my chickens forage in my yard while I eat breakfast on my porch.

Frico Caldo

One of my favorite restaurants in the world is in Boulder, Colorado. Granted, I haven’t seen a whole lot of the world, but this one’s up there for sure. It’s called Frasca.