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Farmers Market

One of the two things I miss most with the quarantine are hugs from my parents and farmers markets. The Husband and I are a good self-contained unit, but I miss my parents. We are working towards self-sufficiently but aren’t there yet. Not everything… Continue Reading “Farmers Market”

All I Learned About Planting Potatoes, I Learned From Watching The Martian

This year I’m trying potatoes for the first time. Hopefully it will work. Planting two different types, Kennebec, and Norland.

Victory Gardens

As the news catches up with scientists (they’ve been worried for weeks), I’ve been thinking about victory gardens.

Back to Reality

One week was not enough. I should do this every year, just take a week and putter around the house. I got lots done, mostly garden-oriented.

Getting Dirty

Today was spent primarily in the garden. Prepping isn’t sexy, but it helps in the long run. But fist, coffee. My local place Mustard Seed had a gluten-free baking day yesterday, so I was pretty much on the doorstep when they opened. I had… Continue Reading “Getting Dirty”

Adventure Part Two!

I forgot to post about the second half of the day. After some damn fine brussel sprouts, we went to the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve. If you haven’t been, you’re missing out. It is so cool. In the fall, I think they even have… Continue Reading “Adventure Part Two!”

Christmas Traditions-Old and New.

Had a lovely Christmas! Started with the baking of the pies, then Rise of Skywalker. I am a fan of nearly all things Star Wars (first two prequels excluded). It was great, and I left the theater ugly crying and grinning at the same… Continue Reading “Christmas Traditions-Old and New.”

Mustard Seed

In our tiny little town we have a wonderful little breakfast/lunch place, The Mustard Seed. They have good coffee, and even gluten-free pastries. And not just one mediocre offering, the shut down every now and again and have a gluten free baking day.

Mushroom Jus

A few years back, my beloved sister and brother-in-law gave me a wonderful Christmas present – The Modernist Cuisine at Home.

Pressure Cooker Chili Verde

So we got a pressure cooker, not an instant pot, but close. We made dynamite chili verde and rice and beans for dinner.