Vanilla Nectarine Preserves

I bought a big bag of nectarines at the farmer’s market this weekend. What to do…

I looked at Pinterest and found some ideas for preservation. Decided on a vanilla nectarine preserve.

I began by cutting the nectarines into chunks.

I had maybe three pounds-ish. My scale wouldn’t weigh it. Added around 2 cups of sugar and a third of a cup of lemon juice. A nice pour of my homemade vanilla — how is it that I haven’t done a post on homemade vanilla? — if you’re not a vanilla person, you could add other spices, or just have the nectarines.

Bring it to a boil. Lower the temperature and stir occasionally. Simmer until it gels up. It will take longer than you expect. Keep going. Yes, more.

Test the consistency by putting a ramekin in the freezer, leave for a bit, then spoon in some of the preserves. Put it back in the freezer and wait a few minutes. Check the consistency. If it is jelly-like, then you’re ready. If it isn’t simmer some more.

Not done yet! Keep boiling.

When it is to the right consistency, put in jars with a bit of headspace. I was lazy and didn’t find out what the pressure canning time was, but knew the water bath time. Processed for 25 minutes.

It turned out nicely. If you’re looking for ice cream topping, you can go a little less on time, so it is more fluid. Had some for breakfast on my toast. YUM!

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