Back to Reality

One week was not enough. I should do this every year, just take a week and putter around the house. I got lots done, mostly garden-oriented.

Today we tilled the garden.

Look at that nice dark soil. It will just get better and better as we work amendments and cover crops into it.

We tilled a bit between the boxes and the garage for a berry patch. Full sun, but protected from both the north and south winds.

Planted rows of early stuff. We will see how it goes.

Radicchio and Bright Leaf Swiss Chard

18 Day Radishes and Arugula

Random lettuce, a wild mix of lettuce, French breakfast radishes and kohlrabi.

Head lettuce (go-getters get promoted to head lettuce I guess), butter crunch, chard, and mesclun.

All in the new boxes – which did not get painted this weekend.

Now it’s raining, so I didn’t have to water in! Mother Nature FTW.

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