Busy Day

We skipped our usual Sunday jaunt to MakeICT, in order to work on the bee structure. However, we had ten (!!!) dozen eggs to get rid of. We are going to have to start paying people to take them. My brother was non-specific about how many – “we will take any” – so he almost got five dozen. But I was kind, and only sent two.

Asparagus count: 5

We made a bunch of progress on the bee structure- even if it doesn’t look like it.

It is all excavated, the landscape fabric is down and secured, the key post is in and has concrete. The second pole is in the correct place, level, and has concrete. Next are the two back posts. Then, the roof!

We are coming down to the wire, as the bees arrive on Saturday. Yikes!

A small break.

Matching shoes!

The evening was beautiful. And we sat out on our swing in the back for a while. We call this one “Sunset and chem trails over the sewage lagoon.” (Note, we are joking about chem trails)

We watched the chickens for a while.

And put them to bed.

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