I’m a Lumberjack (And I’m OK)

Well, the Husband is. We had a dead tree that had to come down before we put up the bee structure. So this afternoon, we felled a 40ish year-old tree.

I did not see the actual felling of the tree, but all went well.

Big honkin tree, no?

Once it was down, we limbed it, and I got to drive the tractor.

I remember the first time I went to Texas, and there was a funny, funny picture of me on a tractor. Because the thought of me on a tractor was hilarious. Um, yeah, anyway.

The limbs went to the burn pile. And the Husband cut the trunk into six-foot lengths. I don’t really know what to do with it. I saved a few smaller discs of trunk, thinking I’ll make something with them.

But they’re now in a pile near Mt. Goad (the dirt pile from when they did the foundation work before we moved in).

We leveled the stump so we can put my bee fountain on there.

And all that being done, we were able to put down the landscape fabric. As per it is dusk by the time we finish.

In chicken news, I put up the lights on the guy wires holding the chicken coop down. I need to pull up the west corner a tad, but it looks festive.

We made surprisingly short work of the tree. Maybe three hours from tree up to half the tree in a stack, and half the tree in the burn pile.

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