This year’s hatch may be a bust. The temperature on the brooder is jacked, and it was a little cool for a while. It may be laggy, it may just not happen. Or maybe it will go great and I’m just pessimistic.

Asparagus count: 7

The contenders. We had three that were obviously quitters, so they’re gone.

But the super-accurate thingamabob that the Husband set up says it’s low. We have it cranked up as high as it will go, but still a little low.

Note, this was when I had it open to do a final candle.

Six are likely, and three aren’t letting us know their secrets.

The dark ones and the blue ones are so hard to tell. I can’t find all of the parts for our nanny cam, so we have another one on the way.

In other homestead news, all four posts are up for the bee structure.

They got up last night as dark fell, and as storms were coming. Notice a trend? And today it’s rainy off and on, so not much work can get done. T minus 3 days until bees. It ain’t gonna be done. But we can deal with that as we get there.

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