Busy Busy Busy

Hoping to get back on track with writing. I miss it. So it’s been a while since I checked in. I have a whole lot going on.

First, we have the hobby farm. We are getting ready for winter.

We have us, our three cats, two barn cats, two dozen chickens, two hives of bees and eventually goats. We have an asparagus patch, a garden with ten raised beds, and four apple trees. We are getting ready to add two more apple trees.

In addition to the farm, I work full time as a content developer for the National Association of Tax Professionals. I work remotely.

I also belong to a place called MakeICT. It’s like a gym for tools and such. It has a metal shop, wood shop, fab lab, ceramics, textiles, rapid prototyping, and a print shop.

We are in the process of moving to a new place. An old elementary school. It’s going to be over 22,000 square feet, and more than an acre of land.

I am the chair of the fundraising committee and trying to raise funds for the building,

Finally, I am on the Governor’s Council on Travel and Tourism. I get to help shape our tourism campaigns. If you are at all interested in being in state government, you can get on a board or committee without hailing to run for it. If you live in Kansas or Missouri, The Women’s Foundation has a program to help increase representation by women (especially women of color) in government,

So yeah, not busy at. All.

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