Up Trail Ridge Road (Most of the Way)

Yesterday we went up most of the way across Trail Ridge Road. I got a bit of altitude sickness at Lava Cliffs, so we came back down. But that’s pretty much the highest point, but I realized i was not enjoying myself and that there was a solution, so we turned back.

First stop is Hidden Valley, where we got married. Some ladies were getting married there today. Best Wishes!

This, however, is the *best* place to get married in Hidden Valley, according to our scientific study – sampling the two people who got married here – Me and the Husband.

But it is beautiful!

But onward and upward!

And upward…

We saw some cool snow devils, because it was sooooo windy.

And some neat clouds.

But all good things must come to an end.

And it makes the ending a little sweeter, if you stop for a beer (or hot chocolate) with a view at the end.

We even made a new friend.

All in all, a good drive.

Alas, it is time to head home to Kansas. A big storm is a brewin, and tomorrow night they should get about 5 – 10 inches of snow. So we’re off in the morning.

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