The Long Cut (Part One)

We bugged out early from our vacation, and it’s a good thing.

We once again took the long cut, since we have two days to get home. We started out by heading up to the park, taking an extra hour, to avoid the five minutes of town. 

We went up to Alluvial Fan and Endovalley for a quick saunter around.

Then we went down to Moraine Park, which was an enormous cluster. People everywhere bothering the elk. But we got a couple of good shots.

And when we couldn’t take it any longer, we turned around, and lucked out. We followed the shuttle, so they cleared the way. Bless you shuttle!

Back before we got our Subaru, we used to play a silly game in the car. Every time we saw a Subaru, we’d yell, “Look, a Subaru.” That game is sillier and funnier in Colorado, where they’re *all* Subarus. 

We ended up parking for a bit and wandering around the bottom of Moraine Park. Moraine Park is cool, it’s where the glacier stopped. So there’s this Valley that is relatively protected, but with a view all the way to the divide. It’s my favorite place in the park (other than where I got married – and truth be told, this was my first choice on where to have the ceremony – but I loved our wedding in the mountains, so I’m good).

To be fair, we didn’t see this (knocked over) sign until we were going back to our car. Oops.

Yeah, so this was the first hour or so of our epic 4 hour drive that took at least double that. We haven’t even left town yet.

I love our road trips.

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