Goat Milk

So I found a source for some goat milk nearby. Since we decided not to breed our does, we don’t have milk.

Although, one of our does was filling out enough I had to google “pregnant goats.” It is really obvious when a goat is pregnant, according to these pictures (we are a few months out from exposure)

But note, just pudgy. Which is okay, since she was skinny when we bought her. So anyway…

We got the milk at a local farmer’s place. We were hoping for a bunch, but they only had two gallons. So we bought the two gallons. One for me and one for Prairie Peacock.

It wasn’t quite a gallon, but close enough. We thawed it and put it into containers. Some of the milk we drank, some we made into goat cheese.

Let me tell you, it is so. Dang. Easy.

First, take a quart or so of the milk and heat it slowly in a sturdy pan.

It makes it easier if it has a spout, get it just to boiling and take it off the heat. Add at least ¼ cup of lemon juice, vinegar, or a combination of both (we didn’t have enough lemon juice for the first batch, used all lemon juice the second). You can use more.

Wait ten minutes or so. Get a big container, a clean flour sack towel, and a long utensil.

Drape the towel over the container. I use clamps and clothes pins to keep it in place while I pour. Pour the curds and whey in the middle of the towel. I usually then tie the towel to the utensil like a hobo sack.

Let it drip for an hour or two, and the whey will drain out.

This is the whey – the Mandalorian

After the cheese has drained, stir in salt and any herbs that you might want in your cheese.

Yum! I had it on crackers for lunch a couple of times this week.

ETA: all lemon juice is better.

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