Chicken Auction – Selling

So you’ve heard about the Chicken Auction. We’ve bought a ton of things at these. Held once a month on the last Friday, we like to go as often as we can.

Before, all we’ve done was buy stings. But this time was different.

We have twenty-five chickens, give or take. Of those we had three roosters. Our first one Noah, is a descendant of our first rooster. his name is Noah and he’s an Easter egger.

Our next rooster looks like he was put together by a committee. And that’s what we call him.

And our third rooster is a Rhode Island Red, who was bought from the breeder. We don’t have a picture of him.

Well, we don’t need three roosters. We just need one. So we decided to see if could sell the RIR and Committee. Committee got a reprieve, because we couldn’t catch him, but the RIR made the mistake of trying to evade us by going in the coop.

We put him in a cage and headed over to the auction. They take 20%.

We were lucky, because the sunlight really made his feathers shine.

We had no idea how much we would get for him,, if anything. Roosters generally do not go for much. We joked about getting an 80cent check. To our delight, there was a bidding war. He sold for eleven dollars!

Since we had to spend our earnings (or more) immediately, we bought some Salmon Favorelles. We released them into the goat shed for the night, before introducing them to the rest of the flock.

They spread out a bit by the next day.

A week or two later, we got our money!

Oh, and I forgot, as I was watching the guy walk away from getting the rooster, I said thanks. He replied that he’d been looking for a RIR for his flock of RIR hens.

Makes me think of the old euphemism. That the family dog isn’t dead, we just gave him to a nice family on a farm, upstate.

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