Big Blue Rides Again

So I was perusing the MakeICT message boards and lo!

Old barn wood? Yes. Free? More yes!

We brought out big blue. Turns out we forgot to disconnect the batter last time we used it, so we had to jump it. It’s got a host of issues (oil leaks, occasional power steering, no air conditioning), but it was $500 and we have had it more than five years, so I’d say it has paid for itself.

We get the old beast going, and it is off to pick up the wood.

We get to the barn and it is just as advertised.

So we get to work, the Husband saws, and I deal with the nails.

There’s plenty more, I’m hoping to grab more of it either this week or next.

We got about a half a load, but we’re tired and cold, so we stopped.

Now to figure out what we want to make with it.

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