Hello Fresh Take Two

So a few weeks ago I was so tired of having to meal plan, prep, and cook just to waste leftovers. Or worse yet, buy groceries and get takeout anyway. It was bad for health and the wallet.

We did Hello Fresh for a couple of weeks a while back, but it didn’t really fit what we needed. But I thought I’d try again.

I don’t see us staying on it for long, but while our house was a mess and our depression making it hard to motivate ourselves to cook, it has really been great.

We started with three meals the first week. I pretty much followed the recipes as written.

It was pretty good. Not exciting, but pretty good.

It was better the next week, as I freestyled a bit. Mainly adding acid to the recipes. It’s a little annoying that sooo many of the recipes have gluten, but we just swap stuff out. It’s usually panko and soy sauce, and we have that.

Week three, I got four meals, a couple more adventurous choices. Usually the ones I pick are the meals most like I grew up with, meat, vegetable, and starch. This week I went for rice bowls.

Week four, I got four meals, but only used three. I pillaged the last one for ingredients for something else. The ingredients are in sealed bags, so I can put them in our adventure kit, so we have travel size ingredients.

All in all, it’s good for getting us through times where we don’t have as much time to meal prep and cook. Not necessarily something to do long term, but pretty good.

If you want a promo code, let me know. I’ve got free boxes to give.

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