So We Bought a Couple Kids

Iris and Violet – two older nannies. Although I misgender Violet about once a week.

Violet frowns on such shenanigans.

These ladies are older, but still of breeding age. Imma have to start searching for how to tell when goats are ready to be bred. Yet another google search I never anticipated having to do.

But we have Violet, who is three years old and in milk, although we are letting her dry up because we don’t have the infrastructure or knowledge to deal with it. She’s short and stocky. A little standoffish-but will eat out of our hands.

Then there is Iris – she’s been exposed (we think) but is not pregnant (we think). She’s very skittish, and was on a leash when we bought her, so we’re not sure her people were very nice to her. But she’s coming around. Begs and begs for food, allows us to skritch her head, and occasionally her sides.

So, how did we end up with two new goats? Well, sometimes our communication leaves a bit to be desired?

We were at the chicken auction, trying to find *a* sister for Clover to play with. While Clover and Daisy are buddies, Daisy can’t play like Clover can. So we go to the auction and there are several goats. Most are billies, because by now all the “good” nannies are sold. We are okay with difficult nannies, because they are more or less pets T the moment, so we have time to nurture them.

So we have Iris. She’s the first of the goats to be sold. we set our budget range. We get her for about half of our budget.

Which leads to a dangerous situation. The Husband says either “bid on that one.” or “see how much that one goes for.” I’m still not sure which he actually said, but…

We bought Violet for the other half of our budget. Oops.

But the ladies get along, and we have our herd.

Unless we see a cute baby goat…

Clover, for her part is a climber and escape artist. She has destroyed the roof of the coop and frequently squeezes out of the gate.

Oh hi there, don’t mind me.

She taught her sister Iris too.

But we are happy with our little herd, and hopefully there’s another weird family who yells “GOOOOATS!” when they drive by our house.

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