A Promise of Spring

So, today seemed like real spring for the first time (did I just jinx it?). I’m getting more mobile every day. I hope to be out of my boot on the 18th, almost five months after my initial break.

I went on a few walkabouts today, because it was absolutely perfect out. Sunny, no big wind, and 70 or so.

The bulbs are starting to peek out. We have daffodils in the front.

And crocuses

Under the hated callery pear tree. Which is budding out.

What I’d love to do is cut that one down (invasive species, yadda yadda), and plant a line of maple trees. I’ve always wanted a tree-lined drive.

Our apples are starting to bud as well.

The chickens are finally back in full production. We got 12 eggs today!

And Lou is huge!

Even the indoor plants are springing!


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