Extra Chicken

So I think one of our prodigal chickens came home.

A couple months back, we lost all of the older chickens. I was in the throes of my broken leg, so I didn’t really pay a whole lot of attention.

But among our losses was our Cuckoo Maran hen.

She’s the one in the top left.

In any case, she’s been gone for a while.

We’ve moved all of the chickens to a different area, but our original coop is still there. The current chickens all stay together, so you rarely see them completely on their own. The prodigal chicken was alone, and by where she lived. Our original coop is missing a door, so there is a place where she could bed down.

I didn’t get a picture, but it was clearly either a barred rock or cuckoo maran.

We haven’t had a barred rock since our original recipe chickens, and the barred was the first one to go. But, could the cuckoo maran keep herself alive? Doesn’t seem likely, but this one is not one of the ones that survived the earlier abokalypse.

I’m going to do some more investigation when it gets a bit warmer.

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