Egg Cache

For a couple of weeks, I wasn’t getting as many eggs as I thought I should. Not sure if it was hot, cold, wet, dry, whatever that was making them not lay.

Wellllll… solved that mystery.

I was out looking for eggs this afternoon. Looked in the nursery coop, nope. Looked in the old coop, yay! Four! Looked in the teenagers’ coop, yay! One! Then went to the nice nesting boxes we have in the garage

Nothing. Hmm. I glanced down, and, aha!

They’ve been laying on the floor. I ended up with fifteen from the cache. The problem is, we don’t know how old they are, so we have to test.

We put them in water, and if they drown, they aren’t a wi… wait no… if they float they are old. If they’re marginal, they’ll go on one end.

The problem is, once they are in the water, the clock starts going faster on freshness. I don’t want to sell washed eggs unless I’m sure they’ll go that day, so when eight came up marginal, I hard boiled them. I’ll use them in sammiches and salads.

One broke, so it’s going in with the seven olds that I’m frying up in a chicken omelette. They’ll appreciate the calcium and protein.

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