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Fall Color

We’re out here in Colorado for my birthday. Yesterday’s adventure was to Alluvial Fan. If you don’t know the history of Alluvial Fan, let me give you the basic details. In 1982, at the top of the mountain, a lake finally broke through a… Continue Reading “Fall Color”

Wisconsin Fall

I flew into Wisconsin on Sunday. Last time I was here (in the summer), there was some sort of festival, so when I drove through this little town called Port Washington, there were people ev-ver-y-where. Not really my scene. But I decided to come… Continue Reading “Wisconsin Fall”

Wisconsin End…

Since I’m working backwards at this point, we will go with the drive/flight home from Wisconsin, instead of the flight/drive to Wisconsin. I telecommute to my job, but four times a year, I go up to be seen, have face to face meetings and… Continue Reading “Wisconsin End…”

Memory boxes

OK, so this is kind of similar to the adventure box – which we’ve moved the adventures to their own box now. But on our random journeys we tend to pick up detritus. Whether it’s a map, a cool rock, brochures, random “toys” from… Continue Reading “Memory boxes”