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Peas Please

So I’m late to the party on peas. Of course when it was canned or frozen peas, it was a terrible party. But I love me some fresh peas.

Vegetable Garden 2021

Loving my garden this year. As are the bumble bees. We are definitely doing better.

Outdoor Dining

So, one of our favorite things to do in the before times was go to the Yoder chicken auction. There are not only chickens, but other animals, as well as random stuff. Early on, someone had cedar planks for sale. Just a bunch of… Continue Reading “Outdoor Dining”

Book 7 and Kitchen Waste Garden

So I read my seventh book.


So one of the things I got for Christmas was a hydroponic system. I finally got it up and running today. I now have peas, arugula, lettuce and radishes growing in our office.

We Bought Store Eggs

Final Tally

Ugh, my ankle hurts, but I processed all of the fruits and vegetables. The final tally is: Tomato sauce Green salsa Pudding Lime curd Frozen beans Confit garlic Not bad for a weekend. Now, for a quick tangent, GO CHIEFS. Not a football fan,… Continue Reading “Final Tally”

The Good/Bad/Good Thing About Being Unexpectedly Away

So we got a huge box of produce last weekend. But we’ve been away for the whole week. So we have a boatload of veggies. (Good) That need to be processed. (Bad) which means lots of good smells. (Good) And lots of standing in… Continue Reading “The Good/Bad/Good Thing About Being Unexpectedly Away”

Huevos Fritos

So,apparently the way that I like my eggs has a name. I have eggs most morning for breakfast because yum! I prefer a fried egg to scrambled. And usually cook at high heat for a shorted amount of time. Apparently that is a Spanish… Continue Reading “Huevos Fritos”

Misfit Market – Take 2

I’ve been trying to write every day this year, but missed a day or two. I might miss a day or two this week, because I’m having surgery tomorrow morning. 🤞🏼Hopefully my last for this injury🤞🏼 But, on Monday, I picked my vegetables for… Continue Reading “Misfit Market – Take 2”