Goat Milk 2: Snoodle Doodle Boogaloo

I found out that Elderslie Farm, the farm that produces my favorite cheese (and dinners, and blackberries, and, and, and…), started selling goat milk. It was spendy, but it’s a reliable source.

Anyway, I went to the farm Saturday morning on my Saturday round of errands. The farm is open to the public. You can go in and play with the goats. So of course I head in to the barn.

So many little snootles to boop!

You can even feed them. They have a thing where you can rent a baby goat for a week, but I resisted.

So after playing with the goats, I headed over to the creamery. I got some cheese, three half gallons of milk, and ice cream, because I’m a sucker.

I’m going to make goatgurt, cheese, and try to find a use for the whey.

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