Goat Roll Call

We now have four goats. They are sooooo much fun. They have a goat shed, but prefer to sleep in the chicken run.

Our first goat, Daisy, crossed the rainbow bridge. She probably had pneumonia. But we loved her and gave her a good life.

Our next is Clover. Clover likes getting out of the pen, climbing on humans and stripping the trees of their foliage.

We then bought Iris and Violet. Iris is the alpha. She likes butting heads. Her dislikes include snow and people petting her.

Next we have Violet. She is the oldest of the bunch at around three. She likes napping and playing with her sisters.

Finally, we have our newest and youngest goat, Ivy. Ivy loves every single thing on earth. Especially her humans. She would like to be a lap goat.

We were going to breed Iris this year, but decided we had enough on our plate.

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