Sugar Scrub

So I was looking through a Willow and Sage magazine, and came across this recipe for a sugar scrub.

It’s been almost two years since I’ve had a pedicure, so my heels are cracked as all get out. I’ll spare you the pics.

So I started with this recipe.

I’m going to do a few other flavors eventually. I’ve got some orange extract brewing, and homemade vanilla that would be good too. But with this one, I stuck with the recipe.

I used pure cane sugar for the larger crystals. Grapeseed oil that I used for the lip balm. And super cheap nutmeg and cinnamon.

Mixed them all together in a bowl that I’ve set aside for this purpose, and put it in to air-tight jars. I did a 4x recipe to fill the jars I had set aside for the project.

I think next time I’m going to do differently shaped jars so it is easier to get out.

I love the shape of weck jars, but they’re pretty expensive. But sooo cute.

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